Log Bedroom Sets With Unique and Exotic Design

If you want something fresh and different in the bedroom, log bedroom sets are an excellent choice. This kind of furniture is rarely in modern or contemporary bedroom style. However, it does not mean this style is out of date. At first glance, you see this furniture as an unfinished product.

You can see the wooded texture in each of bed stands, footboard, mattress place, and headboard. The color is like the new tree from the forest. It is like carpenter receive logwood this morning from yesterday cutting tree then create furniture for tomorrow. In spite of unusual design and feature, this kind of furniture has an interesting and attractive part to increase bedroom performance.

Log Bedroom Sets and Their Characteristics

Midwest Log Furniture Premium Log Bedroom Sets King SizeMidwest Log Furniture Premium Log Bedroom Suite King Size

Cabin style bedroom is similar to regular in term of design, but there is great sideboard on both sides. It is like cubicle but very low, and you cannot recognize it at the first time. Bed might be integrated with other items of furniture such as cabinet and drawer. Some designs put the mattress on top, so you have space under the bed. In log cabin bedroom sets, the design is modified to match with material and shape of the wood. Bed is higher than standard and footboard is shaped like a fence with the log as a first stand.

Midwest Log Furniture - Premium Log Bed - FullMidwest Log Furniture – Premium Log Bed – Full

Log cabin bedroom comforter sets are quite similar to the standard cabin, except comforter to get enough sleep at night. Comforter might be a large blanket that covers mattress and some pillows. Another comforter is bed cover, which is designed thicker than usual. On the sideboard, logs are arranged in horizontal line then connect with one pillar to others. There is no veneer to cover this part. You still see a small gap between logs. This arrangement might be very close to prevent something slip under the bed.

Log Style Furniture Bedroom Sets

Rustic 5 Pc Pine Log Bedroom Suite Lodge Bed Queen SizeRustic 5 Pc Pine Log Bedroom Suite Lodge Bed Queen Size

Before buying log furniture bedroom sets, you need to know some matters. The log is wood shaped into a long tube. It is similar to bamboo, except logwood is no robust and no space. Moreover, this way does not change the wood texture. Several logs get smooth finishing and paint using varnish. To maintain the wood pattern, the manufacturer does not use fancy colors such as red, blue, or green. Color options are dark brown, dark yellow, and black.

To create furniture with logs wood, the manufacturer uses two methods. The modern technique uses a metal nail to connect one part and others. It can be seen in pillars in each corner where most of the nails are placed. Nails are soft, and the size depends on logs. If logs are large and stable, the nail is long and big similar to bolt. It might call bolt but in nail form.

People interest in log style bedroom sets for a dramatic appearance. In past time, only rich people could afford to buy bed sets. Most of the design is simple without fancy touching. Simple design is log wood form. You often see wood style in the room where using a traditional or classic theme. In some hotels, these bedroom sets are part of the special offer for the customer to enjoy nature atmosphere. Furthermore, log style extends into the home application. It is no longer exclusive method for rich people. Everyone can have it and enjoy the stunning design.

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