Platform Bedroom Sets Designs and Inspirations for Modern Space

The platform bedroom sets are getting more and more popular these days. While it is true that the platform bed is one of the oldest styles, it now takes a more modern touch to make this piece of essential bedroom furniture a truly beautiful choice for a more modern and even contemporary bedroom interior design. With the design low to the ground, a platform bed offers a cooler sleep environment. If you wish to create a bedroom with a clean and uncluttered look, this one is always the right choice!

Stunning Platform Bedroom Sets

Liam Black and White Faux Leather Contemporary Platform Bedroom Sets Queen SizeLiam Black and White Faux Leather Contemporary Platform Bed Queen Size

When you are on the market for platform bedroom sets, you may see how many the options offered are. Whether you opt for the king size platform bedroom sets for your master bedroom suite or queen size platform bedroom sets that are always roomy enough for two people to share, the platform bedroom furniture sets can always meet your personal preference and needs. Well, even if you are looking for one for your smaller bedroom, you can still find more than enough options to consider too.

Contemporary Faux Leather Upholstered Platform BedContemporary Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

The options, however, are not limited to only the size of the platform bedroom sets. Regarding color, you can freely choose from black platform bedroom sets or white platform bedroom sets, as well as other neutral colored options such as beige and brown. A platform bedroom furniture set featuring the wooden color and surface can also be found too, ideal for you who wish to embrace the beauty of natural element to boost the look and mood of your bedroom space.

King and Queen Platform Bedroom Sets

Even so, what if the vibrant color is what you want from your platform bedroom sets? While it is true that bedroom furniture sets are most likely offered in neutral color scheme—after all, neutrals can easily blend with any colors added to decorate the space and allow the furniture piece to look timeless—it does not mean you cannot incorporate the color of your personal favorite. In this case, opt for the more creative way. Well, what about DIY-ing the platform bed?

South Shore Bedroom Set Step One Collection Black 4-PieceSouth Shore Bedroom Set Step One Collection Black 4-Piece

The DIY platform bedroom sets, more particularly the platform bed, is always a splendid idea worth trying. Considering the simple bed frame design and construction, chances are you may find building one yourself a relatively easier project to do. There are so many DIY platform bed ideas out there you can explore as your reference and tutorial, including those featuring a storage unit underneath the mattress to make the platform bed even more functional. This is surely a fantastic idea to help you deal with the space constraint due to the smaller size of your bedroom space.

Your platform bed can also come with or without a headboard. For a truly seamless look, you may want to consider the platform bedroom sets which bedside tables are mounted to the extended headboard, which is really popular for today’s modern bedroom spaces. Tufted headboard can also make a significant difference to create the elegant feel and look in a bedroom, turning the bed into a focal point.

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