Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture: Best Concepts + Quick Tips

Maybe there are some people who do not understand in detail about wood, especially solid wood. It can be distinguished physically in the way before finishing the wood. Solid wood bedroom furniture is absolutely made of solid wood where the wood base materials are not mixed or combined with other materials. For application on the interior of the room itself, there are several concepts that are commonly used as best decoration.

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Concept

1. Count on solid wood bedroom furniture sets

Rustic Style Solid Wood Bedroom FurnitureFurniture of America Vine II Rustic Style Solid Wood Bed Queen Reclaimed Oak

It is already not a secret if using a package of furniture as a wise choice to align the whole room with one theme for instance French countryside or rustic theme. It is filled with three-piece bed sets of queen size bed, chest, and nightstand. Just embody the white French country decor with this beautiful solid wood bedroom furniture. Add some complementary accessories such as rugs, lighting, and vases with matching color.

2. Invest your money on antique solid wood bedroom furniture

Roundhill Furniture Saillans Solid Wood Construction Bed King Cherry FinishRoundhill Furniture Saillans Solid Wood Construction Bed King Cherry Finish

Not much different from the country atmosphere, antique solid wood bedroom furniture is also attractive. In eBay, there is King Sleigh Bed Frame Headboard Solid Wood Furniture Classic Elegant Bedroom with a cost of $ 399.99. Classic yet antique style is really typical to the bedroom. It is made of sleigh-like headboard and artistic feet. It is claimed to be rough, and durable with a dimension of 46.75″ H x 80.5″ W x 88.5″ D. It also can be combined with timber-paneled walls as the focal point in the room.

3. Look clean with white solid wood bedroom furniture

Cottage feeling in the bedroom using white shades of solid wood bedroom furniture will be a perfect combination. Not only looks cozy, it is also chic style to be applied in the bedroom. Even with only nightstand and bedroom are enough completed with green accents in the round framed mirror, picture frame, and floral patterned on the puffy cushion and duvet.

4. Define your style with unfinished solid wood bedroom furniture

Roundhill Furniture Laveno 011 Black Wood Bedroom Furniture SetRoundhill Furniture Laveno 011 Black Wood Bedroom Furniture Set

There are many advantages of the use of unfinished solid wood bedroom furniture instead of the finishing one. Unfinished furniture can prove the quality of the wood itself since it is not covered by the finishing material. Purchasing the unfinished will make an ease to the customer to choose the best quality furniture. It is also more money-saving. It is because the manufacturer has skipped the final process in making furniture. Last, people can experience a DIY project to finish the furniture according to their preferences. For the designs, it is suitable to be placed in rustic or natural theme with wooden floor and open ceiling.

Last, there are some quick tips to be applied about how to take care of solid wood furniture. Just like another caring method. The key is about being consistent in the maintenance. What to do is only cleaning and polishing the furniture regularly. Cover the surface before placing something above it. It is used to protect the surface from all things that can scratch the surface. Then, get rid of direct sunlight and keep the humidity in the room as some ways to keep caring solid wood bedroom furniture.

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